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Rainer Meinke,Ph.D., 

Rainer Meinke,Ph.D., 


Dr. Rainer Meinke is an international expert in the science and application of superconductivity and advanced magnetics. With over a decade of experience in superconducting magnet design and testing for major science projects, Dr. Meinke co-founded AML(Advanced Magnet Labs) and led the company’s technical developments, which has culminated in a radical new end-to-end 

process for magnet design and manufacturing that yields magnets with virtually perfect fields. His strategic achievements include a rich IP portfolio, including CoilCADTM, the most sophisticated magnet design software ever devised, as well as dozens of breakthrough innovations such as the Double-HelixTM family of magnet technologies.

In a career in physics and engineering that spans more than 30 years,


Dr. Meinke has led some of the world’s most advanced accelerator facilities. As Senior Scientist at the Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory (SSCL), in Dallas Texas, he was the Collider Machine Leader, and was responsible for technical design, budget and schedule of the 20 TeV proton-proton Collider. Previously, he led the development, build-up and operation of a test facility for superconducting magnets at HERA, in Hamburg, Germany–the first accelerator to employ industrially produced magnets of this kind.

His work in physics included development of phenomenological models for elementary particle interactions, and hardware development and experimental data analysis for high-energy physics experiments at different accelerators and laboratories, including construction of the world’s largest streamer chamber detector at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Dr. Meinke has numerous patents related to superconducting systems and has authored over 100 publications. His accomplishments in creating practical solutions for complex technical problems has been recognized throughout the science community, making him a frequent invited speaker and reviewer for international science conferences and journals. He received his Ph.D. in high-energy physics from Technical University in Munich, Germany.

Dr. Meinke is CEO and Founder of 3DMagnetics, LLC, a Research and Development company focused on the development, and application of magnetic and super conductor technologies for electric machine applications including ground, personal mobility transportation, Aerospace and wind turbine generation.

Dr Meinke has been awarded several government research grants including  from the  DOE,,Argonne National Laboratory and is collaborating with several US universities including  Florida Institute of Technologies and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  


 Dr. Rainer has over 74  granted patents,  other  patent pending applications and  100 published papers including: Research Magnets with High-Field Uniformity

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