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About US

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Our Passion is bringing IDEAS to Reality

We are a diverse group of US attorneys admitted to practice in Florida and represent clients in all federal courts of the United States. We share a set of common understandings on how we practice law. This begins with developing close team relationships with our clients and partner firms to provide value added legal services and seek the highest levels of satisfaction.


Recognizing the future of the economy is tied to growth of small and medium size businesses, we strive to provide expertise in the many areas of IP and commercial law important to our clients. However, what we offer is much more than an a la carte menu of boutique practices. At the start of each client relationship, we invest non-billable time with the client and, when the client has a lead counsel, we work as a team with the other counsel.


One of our first priorities is understanding all aspects of the client’s business relevant to the desired legal effort. When the legal work involves IP, we explore whether and how any IP in the client’s products and services is protectable; the client’s value proposition; comparisons with the competition; expectations for growth and choice of monetization models. We may assimilate other information, such as the manufacturing technology, sales channels, service or customer support – as needed to understand the relevant context in which to assess legal implications and risks relating to the desired legal services. Many of our clients welcome us to acquire an even greater scope of understanding of their businesses and discuss other legal issues or insights. To summarize, we desire an understanding of the client’s business to help provide the best legal services. In fact, the broad knowledge base of our practice areas and in-depth knowledge of technologies synergistically provides an ability to identify legal issues and risks which clients are sometimes not aware of. This can happen when the client is incorporating an emerging technology having legal implications different from established ways of doing business. Use of digital currency is exemplary.


Our practice areas are well-suited to address present and future legal needs in the U.S. with our cross-functional team approach. Through efforts of highly experienced attorneys and staff, our clients receive any combination from our full range of IP services and the often-needed expertise in corporate, securities and transactional matters. When a new client is supported by counsel outside the U.S., we will always look to be part of a greater team led by the client’s counsel, and we will coordinate all activities with the lead counsel to be most responsive and to avoid all potential for miscommunication.


It would be remiss to not address how we deliver high quality services at reasonable costs. We take pride in our use of technologies to be cost competitive. We recognize budget limitations of small businesses and the need to work together to define acceptable scopes of work that are affordable. We are happy to discuss options for streamlining or deferring fees and costs to make our services consistent with available budgets. But if this were our only value proposition our practice would not be so clearly distinguishable from other legal service providers. We are not here to simply sell legal services. To do better, we are committed to assuring the necessary quality of work and this work is accompanied by value-added services.

Our International IP Acquisition Practice is exemplary of our commitment to create value added services in the expensive endeavors of protecting client sales in international markets. Our  program is uniquely based on development of direct and personal relationships with staff in foreign offices for over 25 years. Our relationships enable us to acquire lower transaction costs for securing and maintaining IP rights on all continents. We are able to provide quotations so our clients can budget these expenses. Another advantage is that with consolidation and centralization of international patent work, Accel can provide the client with close management of the technical/legal work required to acquire strong licensable patents internationally with higher cost efficiencies. Our other practice areas are described here on the Accel website. 

Respectfully and direct: we’re all about finding ways to make the client’s business more successful. We seek to understand and help meet the client’s long-term goals. As a cross functional team devoted to addressing our clients’ businesses and legal needs, the people we serve should expect optimal results. It will be our privilege to become trusted partners and stakeholders with our clients. To be so trusted we must do more than deliver the expected results for a reasonable fee. We are about building personal relationships that create trust and the confidence which comes from our demonstrated ability to perform well as evidenced by high levels of client satisfaction.

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