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Marco Baez- Vasquez 

Eng., MBA, MSc., Ph.D., MIT Postdoc.

Marco Bàez-Vásquez,
Eng., MBA, MSc., Ph.D., MIT Postdoc.


Dr. Marco A. Báez-Vásquez brings many years of extensive experience in a career that has spanned from significant international business operations and strong management of technology innovation, transfer and licensing, including positions at biotechnology industries, biopharma, lifesciences, chemical, renewable energy, agrifood and scientific research work. 

Dr. Marco A. Báez-Vásquez directed R&D operations and technology innovations work in the biotech private sector, leading strategic industrial biotechnology R&D efforts through a network of more than 90 scientists in multiple scientific groups and international locations in Finland, Russia, The Netherlands, Spain, the US and Latin America, an effort engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and commercialization of biological products using a number of proprietary microbial and algae strains to produce enzymes, lipids  and other biomaterials.   

Enzyme/gene discovery, some of the patented microbial technologies have been developed to facilitate the discovery, development and large-scale production of industrial enzymes, specialty enzymes, human antibodies and other high-value therapeutic proteins and the practical application such as biocatalysis, molecular biotransformations and bioengineering process integration towards industrial biotechnology applications focusing on multiple industrial sectors such as:  Biopharma, green chemistry, biotherapeutics discovery and development, food biotechnology, feed, environmental technologies, pulp and paper, cellulosic biomass to biofuels, algae to biodiesel, cleantech bioenergy and biorefinery space.   

Dr. Marco A. Báez-Vásquez has been a recipient of the International 3H award (Health, Hunger & Humanity) from the Rotary International-The Rotary Foundation (Evanston, IL), National Council of Science and Technology Doctoral Fellowship (CONACyT) Mexico, and the American States Organization United Nations Award (Washington, D.C.), MIT Postdoctoral Fellowship, in order to further contribute his basic and applied research work. 

. As an example of such efforts Marco A. Báez has provided expert assessment for fostering the Research Center for Systems Biotechnology, an establishment in Chile, in partnership with local universities, research entities and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute from München, Germany. This international collaborative biocluster conducts frontier research in cell function and dynamics and to develop models of important biological systems using a modern Systems Biology approach, to tackle and investigate key questions in modern biological sciences and provide expertise in molecular biotechnology, pharmaceutical product development, plant and industrial biotechnology, platform.

Dr. Báez-Vásquez has been the Co-founder of the BioAmericas ( program at the Biotechnology Center of Excellence Corporation Boston, MA; a private-nonprofit organization providing during the last 25 years technical assistance and public policy guidance in biotechnology development and facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of emerging technologies through university/industrial collaborations among public and private sectors across the globe.   

Through the BioAmericas program it was completed a major study for the Corporacion Andina de Fomento in Caracas, Venezuela available at entitled "Biotecnologia para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la


21268/bolivia_quezada.pdf . This study relates to global markets for biodiversity-based resources in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. The BioAmericas Program has also engaged with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean ( i providing strategic policy guidelines for biodiversity usage and biotechnology development in the Andean region and elsewhere in Latin America.

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