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Barry Liss, PhD., C.Chem. 

Barry Liss,Ph.D., C.Chem.


BARRY LISS, PhD, ChE and a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida with over 40 years professional experience in the technical, financial and management aspects of energy and environmental engineering, including process and project engineering, regulatory compliance, marketing and technical support of air, water & wastewater, odor management, soil and ground water remediation, bio-mass & municipal waste to energy and hazardous waste processing systems; also synthetic fuel technology, coal conversion systems, fluidization engineering and fluid particle systems and alternative energy systems. 





·       Business Plan Preparation

·       Coal Utilization

·       Feasibility Studies, Alternative Designs & Reviews

·       Field Testing & Demonstrations

·       Fluidization Engineering & Fluid Particle Systems

·       Food Waste, Yard Waste, MSW, & Bio-Solids Composting

·       Groundwater & Soil Remediation

·       New Source Prevention Standards (NSPS)

·       New Source Reviews (NSR)

·       Maximum Available Control Technologies (MACT)

·       National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP)

·       Odor Management Systems Design

·       Odor Sampling, Testing & Characterization

·       Permitting & Regulatory Compliance 

·       Pilot Testing & Scale-Up

·       Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Studies

·       Process Engineering

·       Project Management

·       Proposal & Other Technical Document Preparation

·       Remedial Alternative Analyses & Action Implementation

·       Site Assessments - Energy Audits

·       Technical-Economic Evaluations Of Emerging Technologies

·       Technical Marketing & Sales

·       Title V - Clean Air Act Evaluations

·       Waste-To-Energy Facility Design, Planning, Permitting

·       Wastewater Reuse Standards & Systems Design

·       Wastewater Treatment Systems Specification & Design



Enviro Power Renewable, Inc. ( –

Lead Process Engineering Consultant – Overall process engineering responsibility for integrating water, wastewater & solid waste facility designs for EPR waste- to-energy projects globally. Lead engineer in securing air permits for waste to power projects as minor sources utilizing advanced APC techniques.


Creative Environmental Systems, LLC ( – Development & commercialization of patent pending advanced wastewater treatment systems for municipal & industrial applications. 2011-Current              

Mobilenergy, LLC ( –

Overall process engineering integration and cost estimation consulting for waste to energy project clients and technology vendors such as PRM Energy Systems, Inc. (including establishing fluid bed operating protocol for start-up, shut-down and steady state enabling Morcenx to operate at up to 200 TPD RDF), HiTemp Technology Corp, KWSG,

E-Ficient Solutions, and project developers Western World Technology, Meridican and others.


Reardon Environmental, Inc. – Provides chemical engineering expertise for company’s ISCO based soil and groundwater remediation projects. Also provides marketing networking and regulatory support functions.



DOE/METC - University of Massachusetts - Review of the thermodynamic, physical - chemical & detailed design issues for modeling fluid bed coal gasifiers.


Hydrocarbon Research, Inc. - Performed analysis of fluidization aspects of a commercial scale dynacracking reactor prototype. U. S. patent coverage was obtained for HRI for this novel reactor configuration. Authored internal reports on dynacracking reactor design, alternative configuration analysis, oxygen injection and state of the art reviews on fluidized packed beds and regimes of fluidization. Developed cold flow test programs.


Systems, Science and Software - Prepared state of the art survey on high temperature fluidization and ash agglomeration which resulted in the identification of a novel approach to the determination of incipient fluidization of sinterable solids. Assisted in population balance model preparation and data analysis related to coal gasifiers.


TRW Energy Sys. Group - Performed fluidization analysis of ICGG-Cogas Coal Liquefaction/Gasification process.


Post Doctoral - Clean Fuels Institute/CUNY - Research Engineer

Authored five (5) technical articles on coal conversion technology. Formulated and evaluated reactor configurations for flash hydrogenation of coal.  Provided consulting services to HRI on CUNY subcontract during first phase fast fluid bed (FFB) gasifier operations. 


Union Carbide Corporation - Senior Engineer

Developed and demonstrated, in a pilot unit, successful techniques for injection of agglomerating coals into a fluid bed hydrocarbonizer at commercially viable conditions.  This work has resulted in two patents relating to the injection, dispersion and operation of fluid beds while processing caking coals.  Operated a geometrically similar cold model of the mini-plant hydrocarbonizer and collected fluidization and attrition characteristics of char and coal.


Chemical Construction Corporation - Senior Process Engineer 

Performed engineering planning and analysis for Clean Boiler Fuel Demonstration Plant Program.   Identified and planned commercial plant subsystem alternative/feasibility studies.  Developed design manual "Hydrocarbonization Reactor Design Report".  Prepared test programs for demonstration of caking coals injection into a riser and into a turbulent bed.  Developed in-house test plans for cold model study of solids transport, injection, fluidization and recirculation.  Acted as technical interface with subcontractors for numerous test programs.


            B.Ch.E.     The City College of New York.       

            M.Ch.E.    The City College of New York.       

            Ph.D.        The City University of New York      

            Thesis:      "The Dynamic Behavior of Particulate Systems Involving Simultaneous Nucleation and Growth."



            Process Instrumentation and Control Laboratory.

            Non-Metallic Behavior Laboratory (polymer).

            Metallic Behavior Laboratory (metallurgy).

            Department of Chemical Engineering, The City College of New York.


            International Brotherhood of Teamsters Scholarship  

            Dr. J. J. Klein Fellowship  

            NASA Pre-Doctoral Traineeship  



            American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

            American Chemical Society.

            Water Environment Federation.



·       3 Patents awarded and 6 patents pending

·       Over 20 technical papers and conference presentations

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