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What do Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFTs, a $1.2 billion cell therapy patent infringement verdict, and Google’s copying of Java code have in common?



Here, we take a look back at cases selected because we find them interesting and hope you do too. These cases should be remembered for their enduring influence, especially as NFTs blow up the intermetanet this year and beyond.

Case Summary: 

1 – Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc.: Does copyright protection extend to a software interface, and how does fair use of a software interface apply?

2  – Miramax, LLC v. Quentin Tarantino: Who has the rights to develop, market, and sell film-related NFTs?

3 – Belcher v. Hospira: How should inconsistent statements to the FDA and PTO by patent applicants be treated?

4 – Juno v. Kite: How much territory can a patent reasonably stake out, especially with respect to functionally-defined biological compounds?

5 – Biogen v. Mylan: How much disclosure is required to support a patent claim? Or more simply, how little support is too little?


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