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Accel IP Law

We counsel clients in all aspects of trademark practice, both domestic and international. Many companies make the mistake of delaying efforts to register their trademarks, only to find themselves precluded from use of their mark outside their initial geographic area of operation. 


When applicable, we also advise on required filings under the Madrid Protocol. Our practice includes experience in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board. 


In addition, if you contemplate filing an application to register a new mark, we offer trademark clearance and registrability searches to determine the likelihood that your mark could be registered, and whether it potentially infringes the registered mark of another party.


We encourage discussion of your planned use of marks as part of your business development strategies, to help strengthen your brand and to maximize your growth in sales.


We always keep our clients informed of deadlines for renewals of their registered marks, including Section 8 Declarations of Use and Section 15 Declarations of Incontestability.

Board Certified Patent Attorney



Accel IP Law

Pervasive growth continues to occur in several market segments which require copyright as the primary form of enforceable IP protection. The importance is compounded by continued economic expansion fueled by factors including (i) movement away from centralized business processes with rise of DAO’s, (ii) growing application of blockchain technologies in commerce (smart contracts, effecting  digital currency transactions, supply chain monitoring and digital platform ecosystems (e.g., Web 3.0). , and (iii) the innovation of new business opportunities enabled by digital currency in the metaverse.


Accel provides creator-owners and content users essential guidance on copyright enforcement  and control, limitations of use licenses and the ability to quickly enforce copyrights against those who unlawfully use the creations of authors. A several years ago it was the surge in opportunities to create mobile apps and game productions that sensitized many content creators to the risks of having their works copied or made the subject of other unlicensed infringement activities.


We counsel both the creator community assignors of rights in digital works, e.g., NFT’s, on the same use restrictions and protections against misappropriations of creative expressions as have been available for more traditional  forms of expression, including recorded media and other forms of entertainment - - because we expect to see a great convergence of many more emerging technologies to create expressions of great value as creators integrate these technologies with, for example,  AR,  AI, VR and ML,  into systems that perform new performance and functionalities. Accel routinely inventories offerings of its clients to determine whether additional forms of IP protection (e.g., trademark registration) can strengthen marketplace position.

Board Certified Patent Attorney

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