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Max & Tesla EDITED



Max and Tesla love to keep Fred, Roz and Perry on their toes in the Cocoa office. They enjoy changing their Avatars, frequently which does become confusing as who is who. But no matter if Max is in the  "Friendmojis" mood or Tesla is dolling up  her "Mempjis" for a more glamorous  look of the day; we love learning from Max & Tesla what is taking shape in the Digital Pet world.

Easy to understand that with the global Pet Industry worth $261 Billion that the Metaverse is going furry. Especially, when Rafi Gidron, who sold is company (Chromatis)  to Lucent for $4.8 billion is an Angel investor along with several hedge funds for the "Digital Pets Company" startup. 

Digital Pets Company's mission is to create lifelike interactions using voice, visual and touch communication to allow their "owners" to their Digital Dogs in the same way as their physical pets.  All Digtial Dogs, along with their visual and personality traits, are secured as NFT's on the Ethereum Blockchain.  Fido is not alone as "Tiny Rebels Games" a Feline focused AI-driven 3D digital furry companions launched Tiny Rebel Games. Chewy's,  a well established Pet Supply and Food E-commerce ( Valuation -Sept 2022 $13.92 Billion) firm is already in the 'Verse" 

Accel IP Law embraces staying ahead of the dogs. 


Not published 

 We are excited about learning all of the emerging legal

aspects of  the  W3, Crypto, NFT's and the   Metaverse that

Accel IP Law are involved in.

About Max & Tesla

Changing our Avatars 

Playing with other Digital friends 

 Using  our Crypto currency for Chewy treats.

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